What is the automation of a pool in a nutshell?

A pool automation system is something that allows the owner to connect the equipment of the pool to that of the central hub via control centres and wifi. The system will have a corresponding mobile application that can allow one to be controlling those features using the phone itself. Most of the systems of automation can also be connected to the Echo or similar smart devices.

Cost of Pool Automation

It is often unimaginable that the automation of the pools may actually cost lesser than other features of fancy pools along with embellishments. The cost is not easy to estimate but it can be somewhere from 1000 to about 3,000 AU dollars. The cost mainly depends on the following:

  • The type of pool it will be installed for
  • Its complexity and size
  • Whether there is a spa with it or not
  • The model and brand of the system of automation, whether it includes a smartphone app or not.

The most important thing that no one will mention is that it is more expensive in the long run and an automated system can actually save energy costs by 70 per cent.

Pros of automation of pools

One may have lost count of how many virtual assistants that they need to keep things from getting out of hand, namely Alexa, Echo, Cortana and Google. One can barely remember which assistant is which since they simplify or automate a lot of things for us. So, the automated pools can be connected to any one of these so as to avoid the multi-brand confusion. The system of automation can help the owner maintain their pool from a distance and all in one instant. This process makes the pools to be more efficient since one may have spread-out or complex pool equipment.

Even though the automation can be complicated one can hire professionals to achieve the task. It can be added to the pool later on whenever the owner decides. If one wants to hold off purchase for a while they can so it is as per choice. This feature is in this way similar to the in-pool lights or waterline tiles.

The automation can be ignored to prevent building cost but it helps save electricity cost in a longer period of time. It is an allover improvement of efficiency that can save costs later on and can be DIY is one is up for it. The dream of operation of adjustment of the speed of the pump and the switching on and off of the spa can be managed while one is miles away from home. It can help one in running the heater and pump on schedule. Alexa or Siri can be connected so that the spa is ready when the owner gets home after a particularly long day at work. With the latest amalgamation of technology the smart systems of control can be wirelessly connecting to the home network or may even work with an ethernet connection.

Installation of the control pad that is touch operated can make sure that the owner will be operating the equipment from the setting of the pool itself. This works even if they have lost the internet connection. There are specific automation brands that also allow the control of actuators of valves which is enabling one to be switching from their pool to their spa by the tap of an application. The latest technology makes it easier for automation to be set up within about just 2 hours with the right amount of technological knowledge. The owner can also schedule the pump to be running at speeds that are lower every day during off-peak hours when the rates of power are at its lowest. This is a wonderful feature to add to the list.

How does automation help?

Back in the day when automation was not so prevalent, one would flip all switches manually. An automated system, however, will let one plan and control the features of the pool from a single place of control. The panel of control can be closer to the owner and far away from the pool itself, so the distance does not really matter. The pool automation is using a control panel for the controlling of certain functions of the pool that functions remotely through the relays and actuators. People most commonly get the heaters and pumps automated but they can also be extended to the spa, water and lights features. The best part is that automation systems which are extremely state-of-the-art can be connecting via a virtual assistant and a smartphone app.

The cons of automated pool

One will need wifi that is incredibly strong along with a wondrous amount of technology for things to pan out as envisioned. The automation systems may be pool-specific and may not work for the spa part of it so that is a definite downside. There is very little automation that works for both pools and spas. Sadly enough, the system for automation may not be able to take care of the water chemistry. They may mainly be for the turning of things on and off and for different kinds of settings.

Setting up the automation system can be tricky for someone who is not adept in electrical work. So,hiring professionals adds up to the mounting cost along with the latest technologies that are already assumed to be in place. One will have to be blessed with a fast internet connection with preferably a download and an upload speed of at least about 3 Mbps around the pad of the pool itself. One may use online speed test to test the strength of the internet. The installation requires close working with electricity that may not be safe if one is not careful enough and does not know how to operate the basic setup for software. A professional will be required not just for safety but for keeping the system up and running as well.

Who are the ones who actually need it?

These are for people who have a fetish for gadgets and technology. A basic pool will not really need this equipment to revamp. It is only for people who think that it will make the management of the pool easier and less tedious for them. One might just be wrapping up an interesting dinner and one may be in the mood for a swim or for a soak in the hot tub which is attached. In this case, without an automated system, one would face the problem of going home to a spa that is really cold so they will not be able to access the waters immediately.

Certain automation comes with themes such as spa night which can be activated for this purpose and can be initiated with the tap of the smartphone. The landscape lights will be flickered on in no time and the spa heater will heat up the water to a temperature of preference. This kind of generous forethought is sure to impress guests. One may be lying on the beaches outside their hotel enjoying the ambience and they do not want to be bothered with bugging problems of algal growth and cold water on arrival.

The vacation theme shall have to be set up before the family leaves. This way the automated pool cleaners can clean the pool at intervals keeping it ready to be used when one gets home. The owner can also schedule the pump to be running at speeds that are lower every day during off-peak hours when the rates of power are at its lowest. Call our friendly team today by clicking here!