What Colours Can Fibreglass Pools Be?

Your pool is now chosen. The size, design, and layout have been now finalised and it is finally time to choose the pool colour. There are many colours available in fibreglass pools and it is often difficult to choose the right one for your house. People often choose the colour that is most in trend but trends change. It is important to consider the look of the whole backyard with the chosen colour. Take a holistic approach when deciding the right colour of the pool so that you do not regret choosing it later. So, let us get started.

Choose colours to complement the house

The right pool colour can add a certain wow factor when tied cohesively with the house. You can choose the right look for the house by choosing either a darker or lighter colour finish for the pool. If, for example, you plan to choose a dark colour pool, you can complement the same with a light colour timber or light colour pavers. Choosing this complementing colour helps in drawing attention to the pool and makes it the center of attention.

In order to choose the right colour for the pool, you need to first visualise how you want the backyard of the house to look. Think of the visual you would like to see when you go to the backyard. The design of the pool is also a good base point that helps in choosing the right pool colour. Let us take a look at some of the popular colours available for fiberglass pools.

Sapphire Blue

Considered to be one of the most popular and common choices of all colours, sapphire blue looks good with most of the surroundings. It gives a shimmery look in sunlight and is also easy to apply. If you are looking for a classic colour that looks good with all types of aggregates and pavings, sapphire blue is a choice for you.

Lagoon Blue

This is another popular pool colour chosen by many residential and commercial properties. The popularity of this colour is attributed to the fact that it gives off a great turquoise shade when it gets finally submerged in the water. In addition to giving excellent UV protection to the pool, it also looks classically beautiful in the sunlight. It is a popular colour among the hotels and commercial pools as it is the darkest hue of blue that is acceptable according to the WA leisure standards.

Athol Blue

This is a light and soft colour that gives off a shade of a light turquoise when it gets filled with water. There is a nice shimmer that is reflected in the summers too. If you have darker decking, stone or aggregates surrounding your property, this colour adds a nice pop to the whole visual. This colour is fast becoming a popular choice for many modern houses that have light exterior colour of the house and a darker tones outdoor area.

Aqua Blue

This is a minty fresh colour that looks beautiful in most of the pools. This is also a great UV-handling colour that appeals to the tastes of many homeowners. The colour itself is so beautiful that it gives off a vibrant and fresh feeling to most of the outdoor settings. This bright colour looks pretty good with exposed pools and aggregates that have a lot of sunlight exposure.

Aqua Sand Colour

Though it is not as popular as the other blues and greens, the aqua sand colour has its own advantages. It has a great UV capability and looks good in most of the surroundings. However, one major drawback of this colour is that it shows up debris and dirt than the other darker colours. However, once it gets filled with water, the colour looks beautiful while giving off a slight greenish tinge in sunlight.

Fern Green

This is one of the lighter green colours available in the market. Not everyone likes the tones of this colour. However, it is a beautiful tone that looks best in floral surroundings as well as various types of modern lap pools. In sunlight, the colour literally sparkles, thus giving a great pop to your surroundings.

Midnight Shimmer

This is one of the darkest blue colours available. It is perfect for spas and smaller designed pools. When put in water, it transforms into a dark navy tone thus looking great with light colour surroundings.

Why Dark Pool Colours

Though dark colour tones are quite popular, you need to maintain the right contrast with the surrounding area to actually make them work. In an ideal environment, dark toned pools look best when surrounded by light tones. These include tones like cream, travertine, natural or ivory sandstone, or a light decking in wooden colour.

Dark tones pool colours are often recommended for houses with a cool climate. This is because they absorb the rays of the sun and increase the temperature of the pool water by around 2-3 degrees. It is due to this natural healing capacity that it is often chosen by people who wish to avoid additional expenses of energy consumption and heating system. These colours also help in keeping the walls and floor away from general view so that dirt and debris are not easily visible.

Why Light Pool Colours

Light Pool colours are best for those fibreglass pools that are surrounded by dark-coloured elements like earthy tone sandstone, dark wooden coloured decking, or travertine with chocolate and caramel tones. It is best for people looking to emulate an oasis or beach type environment right in the backyard of their homes. These colours are best for you if you live in a warm area. This is because light shades tend to reflect sunlight better than the darker hues. This way, the water remains cooler in light toned pools.

If you are planning to use the pool a lot on bright sunny days, it is best to get water resistant spectacles for better visibility. However, these colours make the walls and floor of the pool more visible, no matter what is the depth. People are able to see the dirt and debris that get collected in the bottom. Thus, light-toned pools require more effort in cleaning and maintenance.

Choose your own look

Choose the shade that best complements the house exterior and backyard while making the place look more aesthetically appealing. A pool should not be chosen just because of its visual appeal. It should be a combination of both comfort and visual appeal. The pool should belong to space and not look inconsistent and incongruous. If your backyard has a subtle look, vibrant pools can prove to be a stunning focal point while a bright colour pool is great for a coloured backyard. It is the tone that can make a huge difference between a great and a good looking pool.

Choose your colour cleverly so that the tone enhances your home and pool. After all, in the end, it comes down to a person’s personal preference. Always choose the colour that looks timeless rather than going for what is currently in the trend. Though it may look good for a few years ultimately you will grow tired of the same in long run.