Billabong Slimline Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m

Billabong Slimline Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m



Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Billabong Slimline Plunge 4.20 2.60 1.60 1.60

Billabong Slimline Plunge 4.2m x 2.6m

A Solution for Small Spaces and Relaxation

For those with limited space or seeking a compact plunge pool for relaxation, the Billabong Plunge Slimline offers the perfect solution. With its dual entry steps, this pool can be positioned in virtually any area. The incorporation of bench seating along the length and across the entry area allows for an open spa jet option that complements this pool beautifully.

Featuring a consistent depth of 1.6m, this pool caters to those who enjoy both a refreshing dip and lively pool activities.

As urban living and smaller outdoor areas become more prevalent, the 6.5m, 5.5m, and 4.7m Billabong Plunge Pools are specifically designed to maximize utilization in such spaces.

Not only are the 6.5m, 5.5m, and 4.7m Plunge Pools suitable for in-ground installation, but they also offer an above-ground option.

Consider incorporating one of our square spa designs with cleverly designed overflow openings. Placing this spa at one end of your pool creates beautiful cascading water effects into the pool. Alternatively, the spa can overflow into an artificial stream or feature.

All our pools feature a safety step ledge (100mm wide) around the entire perimeter, ensuring added security.

Please note that physical pool shell variations may occur compared to supplied drawings, and all dimensions are approximate.