Here Are 6 Of The Best Swimming Pool Features For Your Home Pool

If you got a pool for your home, you have taken a great decision. A home pool is a great addition to your home. Apart from enhancing its appearance and value, it offers many benefits – health benefits in particular. Once you have a pool, you would like it to be the best. You can do this by adding different features to your swimming pool. These features add to the overall use of the pool while improving its aesthetic value.

There are various types of features that you can add to your pool. Depending on your needs, you can decide on different features for the pool. If you want to entertain by the pool and have great parties, there are features to help you in that. If you want to use your pool to be fit and healthy, you can install certain features. Based on your goals, you can choose among the various features available.

Here are six such useful features you can consider adding to your home pool.

1) Jets in the pool

If you got a pool installed so your family keeps fit and healthy then adding jets would be a great idea. These are water jets that can be easily installed in your pool. They release water in the form of a jet and offer many benefits. There are two types of such jets – spa jets and swim jets.

There is nothing more pleasant after a hard day’s work than to get a massage. A water massage is not only pleasant but cost-effective. You don’t have to wait for a masseur. Just get into your pool and switch on the spa jets. These jets of water come out at great speed and when they strike your body create an effect like a massage. There are multiple such jets that can run all over your body. This can help you relax after a tiring day. You can convert your home pool into a spa by installing these spa jets.

If being fit was the reason you got a pool, there are two ways of doing it. One is by swimming laps in the pool. For this, you need a large pool. In case you don’t have a large pool, then don’t worry. You can get the same benefits as that of swimming laps by getting swim jets installed. The swim jets create a fast jet of water that blocks your way as you swim. You need to overcome this jet to move ahead. This acts as resistance and helps you get a nice workout while swimming. You don’t have to swim laps. Just swim against the swim jets and you can lose a lot of calories and be fit at the same time.

2) Get an auto cover

One of the biggest problems with home pools is maintenance. Most home pools are in the backyard where there are trees and shrubs. Falling leaves and twigs are a common problem. This makes it necessary to clean the pool regularly and remove debris. This is a boring and tiresome job. You can save a lot of cleaning by working by putting a cover on your pool. Now putting on the cover and removing it is a cumbersome job. This is why more and more pool owners are getting an auto cover.

The auto cover works automatically controlled by a motor. Press a switch and the cover slides over the pool. Press another switch and the cover opens. This keeps your pool clean when not in use. It also helps to retain heat allowing you to use the pool at night and saves heating costs. It also ensures safety. With a cover on, you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets falling into the water. This is a great feature to add to your pool to get many benefits.

3) Install water features

Water features help enhance the appearance of your pool. If you are the type that loves pool parties, then these features can make your pool look more attractive. They will help make your pool parties a great success. Here are some of the popular water features to consider adding to your pool:

  • Waterfall: A waterfall makes your home pool look like a resort. You can get custom waterfalls to suit your pool size. Rock ledges can be used for water to flow. Since the water is recycled, there is no wastage. It is a great addition to your pool.
  • Deck jet: A deck jet shoots water into your pool in an arc. This creates a great effect, making your pool look a hotel pool.
  • Water curtain: This is like a waterfall but more simple. It creates a curtain of water and enhances the appearance of your pool. 
  • Grotto: A grotto is an enclave that looks like a cave at one end of your pool. Inspired by pools of the Roman era, a grotto can completely change the appearance of your home pool. You will feel that you are in another world when you enter the grotto.

4) Tanning ledge

A simple addition to your pool is the tanning ledge. This ledge can be made at one end of the pool. It is the best place for you to sunbathe. You don’t have to go to the beach to get a tan. Get on to the tanning ledge at your home pool and enjoy a sunbath. You can get a good tan without having to leave your home. The tanning ledge is like a lounge area where people can sit and relax. You can place a lounge chair with an umbrella on the ledge. You can also fill the ledge with water. Since it is not deep, it will be a great place for small kids to play.

5) Lighting

When you come back home late after a busy day, you will want to spend time in the pool to relax. Without proper lighting, you won’t have a good time and it won’t be safe too. If you love pool parties, then get proper lighting for your pool. It ensures your pool is well lit, safe to use at night and a great venue for parties. LED lights are inexpensive and you can get smart lights that conserve energy. You also have color LED lights that can make your party colorful. The lights can be installed around the pool or even in the pool depending on your requirements.

6) Fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to the pool. It can be in the center or at the end of the pool. The fire in the pit surrounded by water brings your pool to life. It creates a great visual appearance that will make your home pool the cynosure of the neighborhood. You will find friends and family flocking to your pool party to see the fire pit in action.

All these six features have a great utilitarian value. Adding them to your pool is easy and you can get in touch with a pool contractor for it. Plan adding these features so you can get more from your pool and have a great time in your home pool.