Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

Waterslides are so much fun. They’re perfect for kids and they also bring out the child in adults. How fun would it be if you could have your own waterslide at home? There won’t be any need to head into an overcrowded waterpark and wait in line for hours anymore, if you do. 

Waterslides and fiberglass pools: Are they compatible?

Many families in Australia have fiberglass pools installed at home. You may have too and you may be wondering if your fiberglass pool is strong enough to support a waterslide. A lot of people have this question and we’re here to give you an answer. 

You see, fiberglass pools may look delicate, but they’re actually a made of a very strong material. Depending on their grade, some types of fiberglass used can withstand weights as high as 300 tonnes. 

Typically, home pool manufacturers use very high-quality fibreglass that can withstand heavy weight and extensive wear-and-tear. These pools have a shell weight between 2500 & 3000 tonnes. This indicates your fibreglass pool will be capable of withstanding the weight of the waterslide and the force of people whooshing down it. 

Additionally, fiberglass material is very tough and seldom, if ever, breaks or gets damaged. If you notice a crack on your fiberglass pool surface, its probably only the gel coat. A quick check by a pool installer can help you identify the problem if any. This is another reason why a waterslide is highly-compatible with fiberglass pools. The slides won’t be able to a lot of damage to the pool or vice versa, if they’re installed close to the surface of your pool. 

Benefits of a waterslide

The kids will LOVE this feature

Waterslides are one of the best and safest pastimes for kids. You won’t have to expose your children to dirty, public pools or waterparks, when you have a fun waterslide right at home. Vacations and weekends will breeze by with a pool waterslide. 

They’re great for the elderly too

These days, thanks to medical science, most of us remain healthy and energetic even in our old age. Your elderly parents or in-laws might want to spend their day in a healthy and fun way, instead of wasting time. A waterslide can help you there, by keeping them busy. 

Plus, it’s a great tool that can bring the entire family together for a day of fun.

Waterslides can make your property more valuable and beautiful

Any improvement to your home can increase its sale value. A pool waterslide is a definite improvement. If you get a complete themed installation such as stone walls, plants or trees designed to make your waterslide look more natural or tropical, it also improves the aesthetic of your home. If you ever plan to sell your home in the future, a fiberglass pool with waterslide can bring you a pretty penny. 

Choosing a waterslide for your fiberglass pool

1. Speak to someone in the local government office to understand swimming pool water slide safety standards

Did you know that 36% of all non-fatal drowning incidents in Australia occur in home pools? This is why Australia has very strict regulations governing all pools that have been built after 1 August 1990. 

These rules govern everything from pool size & depth to waterslide safety. You’ll need to consult your local authorities to check what pool safety regulations apply to you. You may also need to get your pool and waterslide registered with local authorities. 

2. Identify who the primary user will be

After you do the required checks, it’s time to identify who your waterslide’s main user will be. This will help you determine: 

  • The length of the waterslide.
  • The complexity or simplicity of the waterslide (i.e., should it be full of turns or a straight side). 
  • The width of the waterslide. 
  • The height of the side rails/surfaces of the waterslide. 

The idea here is to make your fiberglass pool waterslide as safe to use as possible, for everyone in the family. You may also want to consider how often the slide will be used. This will also help you consider what type of installations will be safe for your slide.

3. Use your pool dimensions and design as a guide to select your slide

Your pool’s size, shape and design also have an impact on the type of waterslide you can use. 

The great thing about fibreglass pools is that you can have them moulded into any shape you want. Apart from the conventional rectangular, oval and kidney shapes, your fiberglass pool can be completely freeform as well. This will give you plenty of options to decide where and how to place your waterslide. The pool dimensions will also help you choose the waterslide dimensions. 

4. Select a spot to place the waterslide

You should also check if you have sufficient space to place a waterslide. Sometimes, you may need to make certain changes in your backyard, to accommodate a waterslide. For example, if you don’t have sufficient space around your pool, you can consider having a vertically-aligned waterslide with steps leading to the top of the slide. 

The place where you intend to install the waterslide is also important, because it affects: 

  • The aesthetics of your house. 
  • The safety of the slide.
  • The operation of the slide. 

A waterslide that has been stuffed into a corner will ruin your home’s appearance. It may even become unsafe because there’s a risk of hitting your hands or legs against something due to lack of space. 

Additionally, if the waterslide is situated far away from the pool pump, you may find it difficult to manage the water flow properly on the slide. Less water or a slow flow can increase friction during usage, making the entire experience uncomfortable. 

5. Choose the appropriate material for the waterslide

Waterslides are available in a variety of materials, such as acrylic, vinyl, PVC, nylon and metal. But, the best type of waterslides are the ones that are made using PVC and acrylic. Both of these materials are completely weather-proof and you won’t see them rusting as the years go by. PVC waterslides are also fire-proof, because of the nature of the PVC material. 

You’ll want to also select a waterslide material that is resistant to UV radiation from the sun. This will ensure that your waterslide will never crack or peel or fade in colour. Acrylic plastic has the capacity of fending-off high levels of UV radiation. UPVC material in particular is an UV-resisting plastic and perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor pools. 

If you don’t have a large budget to spend, you can also choose an inflatable waterslide that can be deflated after use. These inflatable waterslides are also available in PVC material. You’ll need to buy an electric/gas-powered blower to blow it up before you use it.

6. Select the paint colour

The great thing about waterslides is that they can be customized to blend-in with your pool’s surroundings. So, you don’t have to be content with the same-old boring blue waterslide. 

When deciding the colour, consider the type of installation already in-place or what you intend to get done. You can go as subtle or as bright as you choose. Depending on the material you select, you can even have waterslides that are painted/designed with different images. 

6. Select a reputed waterslide installer to complete the work

Once you have done all of the above, its time to contact a qualified and reputed waterslide installer to help you out. 

At Fibreglass Pools Sydney, we are premier fiberglass pool installers located in Sydney. We offer waterslide installation service as well. You can call us directly!

Whether you want to plan for a waterslide prior to the fiberglass pool installation or you want to get a waterslide installed in your existing pool, we can help you with both. We will visit your property, conduct a comprehensive evaluation and recommend the best and safest waterslide installation option for your fiberglass pool. Speak to us for more information.